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What’s with the name? A true African authenticity. Well :) breakfast is an important meal of the day. By using industry-leading best practices - UI can be an important component of your app. We at UI love solving real world problems. We are the geeks, the nerds who just love technology, data, numbers and stats. We build a very complex yet easy to use systems, and we ship new features all the time for our customers.

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We enable the enterprise to harness the power of data and apply a unified cultural strategy


Years developing clean software


Lines of code


Scalable cloud instances


Percent satisfied customers


At UI, we aim to provide you with services that make your business infinitely more powerful and competitive

Web App Development

Built for ease of use and responsiveness using the industries best practices, coding languages and tools, web apps will run on Chrome, Firefox, Safari & Internet Explorer browsers.

Mobile App Development

Built using the industries best cross-platform, open source & commercial tools combined with robust programming languages, apps will run natively on iOS, Android & Windows.

System Integrations

Built using proven technologies & orchestration platforms, multiple systems can communicate data & events to each other on a schedule or in real-time.

Cloud Computing

'X'aaS - Cloud computing is the delivery of computing services—servers, storage, databases, networking, software, analytics and more—over the Internet.

New Development

Your Proof of concept to life - where and how to start? We help you to answer these questions & take the next step forward.


We are agile. DevOps is the union of people, process, and products to enable continuous delivery of value to our end users.

We’re always looking for smart people

Join an enthusiastic team and work with us on solutions customers love to use!

Tech stack

We are standing on the shoulders of giants

  • All
  • Collaboration
  • Front-end
  • Back-end
  • Dev Tools
  • Platforms


Our team never miss a beat


React, Redux, Observable, Typescript


Angular 2+

Java Script

ES6, pure functions

Cascading Style Sheets

Sass Preprocessor


.Net Framework, .Net core, WebAPIs

Node JS

NPM, Yarn


Java SE & Java EE

Microsoft Azure

Scalable services, Big data, cloud functions

Google Cloud Platform

Scalable services, Big data, cloud functions

Visual Studio

Visual studio, Visual studio code

Azure DevOps

Pipelines, repos, boards, test plans


Virtual machines


Web & mobile


iOS 6... iOS 12


Kitkat... Pie

Windows Phone

Universal Windows Platform


On both sides of the Atlantic, we are glad to help you

Umdoko Internet
Atrium on 5th - 9th Floor
5th Street Sandhurst
Sandton City, 2196